Palmetto Career Advancement
Reinforcing Education


Our Mission

Reinforcing Education and Career Advancement

Education is NOT one size fits all. Therefore at Palmetto Career Advancement, our mission is to reinforce what already exists in education. We believe everyone deserves an opportunity for meaningful, flexible, and affordable advancement in their career. Through collaboration with other organizations and entrepreneurs in the community, we will provide structured literacy, business, and personal development programs.  


Our Services

Youth Academic Advancement

We provide the resources and education necessary to promote early literacy and address illiteracy among youth. Through community involvement, collaboration with other organizations, and offering various workshops, we strive to make a difference in youth's negative statistics. In addition, we provide tutoring services to 1st grade - early college to address areas needing improvement. SAT/ACT prep courses are available, along with college planning services.

Adult Academic & Career Advancement

In South Carolina, 15% of the adult population is considered illiterate. Unfortunately, adult illiteracy may negatively impact literacy in their children, create preventable health issues, and become a strain on our communities' economic development. In partnership with Dorchester County Adult Education, we address the literacy issues among adults by providing structured GED Prep, High School Diploma completion, and ESOL programs. We also aid adults in building confidence, exploring career options, and providing the tools necessary to obtain their goals.

Small Business Advancement

Professional and personal development is necessary for growth as a small business owner. However, we understand that owning a business requires long hours, making it a challenge to invest in these areas of development. Therefore, at Palmetto Career Advancement, we provide short but meaningful classes from experts in the industry throughout the month. Classes are offered in various formats and at a flexible schedule. In addition, we will offer free workshops every month to our members.

Corporate Advancement

As a manager or director of an organization, providing training to employees improves morale and ensures they learn to lead and work together effectively. Palmetto Career Advancement provides quality interpersonal skills training in several areas. We specialize in supervisor or leadership training. Whether you prefer onsite or virtual training, we carefully develop all training classes to fit your organization uniquely.



Registration Always Open

Since education is not one size fits all, you have the opportunity to experience something new EVERY month. So check back here regularly to see what new we have to offer.